To continue our guide for beginners in sports betting, we now address an essential subject: winnings! Because once you understand how odds work and review the different types of bets, your main objective is still to win your bets.

But before discovering how to proceed to align the good forecasts, you must be aware of your real expectation of winnings.

Can you get rich betting on sports?

If you still ask yourself this question, you may be disappointed because online betting is definitely not the best way to accumulate dream sports cars and villas. Unlike other games of chance like traditional Euro-Millions, betting does not produce new millionaires.

Most bookmakers안전놀이터highlight the latest exploits of their customers on their homepage. And in general, the amounts displayed are far from dizzying. Indeed, the sums at stake are already based on the amount of your bets and the height of the odds, but that is not all.

Earnings capped by operators

In our odds file, we have seen that French odds can sometimes reach 4 or more digit numbers. With an extreme example of an accumulator bet of €200 at odds of 7000, you could theoretically win 200 x 7000 = €1,400,000!

Except it’s not possible because the operators limit your potential winnings per bet. The table below reveals the maximum winnings in 2022 for each operator, for a pre-match bet on European football. Note that the grids linked to Loto foot are not affected by these limits.

You will notice that there are strong disparities between the different bookmakers: for example, it is impossible to win more than €6,000 per ticket at Feelingbet against €1,000,000 at Betstars! Moreover, these thresholds can vary according to the sports discipline (football often guaranteeing the highest ceilings) or the type of bet (lower thresholds are sometimes applied for single or live bets). It should also be specified that these limits apply to the direct winnings of a bet, excluding any promotion. Consequently, it is possible to exceed these ceilings if you have benefited from a bonus on the terminals for example.

You can usually find this data in the betting rules available on each of the sites.

Operators supervised by ARJEL

French legislation imposes on operators an average return rate of 85% over the year. This basically means that for every €100 wagered, a site only has to pay out a maximum of €85 to winning players, with the remaining €15 split between state levies and the bookmaker’s commission.

As a result, the odds on ARJEL sites are on average lower than on foreign sites, which further reduces your potential gain.

Beautiful unique jackpots

A handful of punters still manage to collect exceptional jackpots, thanks to highly improbable combined bets or by validating online 안전놀이터football lotto grids.

Among the winning records, the top 1 is to date (in 2022) a report of €399,461. This colossal sum was won at Winamax in March 2020.

These recommendations may seem obvious to you and yet the majority of bettors do not respect them! Finally, Compare Bet encourages you to play reasonably according to your income. Online betting remains above all a hobby and not a financial investment, don’t forget!

Written by Avellaneda Flórez
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