If you are interested in developing a major site, you will need to follow the process to obtain a permit. This process begins by applying to the city.

If your application is accepted, the city will send you a Notice of Complete Application. This notice will include a public hearing date. If you do not receive this notice, your project will not be scheduled for a public hearing. If you are planning on putting up a sign at the proposed 메이저사이트, you will need to follow the rules and regulations outlined in the City Code section that describes how to prepare a sign for a development project.

Application packet

The process for reviewing major site plans is different from building design or subdivision applications. When submitting a major site plan, the applicant must submit the original paperwork as well as any additional documents requested. The County will provide written comments from the review team to the applicant. During this time, the applicant will have an opportunity to respond to the comments and resubmit the plans for review.

All major site plans must submit a transportation demand management plan (TDM) as a part of the review process. The transportation demand management plan must be prepared for the entire development and be submitted in 10 11 x 17 copies. A TDM plan is an essential component of a major site plan review and must be drafted to meet the city’s TDM policy guidelines.

Neighborhood meetings required

When applying for a major site permit, it’s important to hold neighborhood meetings. These meetings are usually 30 minutes or an hour, but they may be longer or more complicated if a complex development is involved. Meetings should be held at the site or a suitable location within two miles. In case of inclement weather, the meeting should be held indoors.

메이저사이트Meetings are designed to provide an early informal opportunity to learn about the proposed development and express concerns. To request a meeting, fill out a Neighborhood Meeting Inquiry Form and submit it to the Office of Neighborhood Coordination. The office will provide you with the necessary materials, including the City’s notice checklist and request form.

All applicants must hold neighborhood meetings before submitting their development proposals. These meetings are held to inform neighbors about the project and to resolve conflicts early in the process. The meetings must be held at least 10 days before the hearing date, and the Office of Planning and Development must mail the notification package at least 20 days before the meeting. If you fail to meet the deadline, your neighborhood meeting package will be considered incomplete and will not be placed on the Land Use Control Board’s agenda.

The purpose of the meeting is to build mutual understanding and communication between the developers and neighborhood residents. An early conversation can encourage consensus-building and expedite the development process. Meetings should be held at a time and place that is convenient for all parties. If possible, the meeting should be scheduled 90 days before the formal filing date.

Signs required

Signs required at major sites are a key safety element. They must be properly designed and constructed to meet all applicable code requirements. These standards include maintaining a consistent appearance, being readable, and being energy efficient. They must also be constructed of materials that are compatible with other structures on the site.

The height of the sign is based on the linear feet of the site, which must be within 45 feet of the ground. There are additional regulations that must be met before a sign can be placed on a freeway. For example, the sign cannot be more than 45 feet tall, and the sign structure must incorporate design features that make it appealing to drivers. Also, the sign must meet Caltrans standards for readability.

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