Whether your facility is a playground or a park, safety is paramount. Keeping track of Inspections is essential to keep your 안전놀이터up to code. These inspections can be completed by a professional or by yourself. We’ll go over the process and what to look for. This article also contains some inspection log examples.


Performing inspections of safety playground equipment is an essential part of the maintenance process. These inspections are important because they can spot damage that can lead to serious injuries. Inspections should be conducted by qualified and unconnected individuals. Depending on the age and use of the equipment, regular inspections should be conducted every three to six months. If necessary, the inspector should also take note of changes in the design, maintenance, and risk assessment practices.

Regular inspections of playground equipment are also essential to ensure that children are safe. They should be carried out by staff with some basic training. You should also make sure that the contractors you hire have sufficient training. The inspection company should be able to provide documentation that the staff has received relevant training. The RoSPA offers several courses for this purpose. The inspection process should be linked with an annual maintenance check.

In addition to inspections, playground equipment should be designed in such a way that they don’t pose a hazard to children. For example, swing sets should be spaced at least nine feet away from other play areas. Also, any playground equipment that moves over a large area must not overlap with other equipment. Certified inspections can ensure that these are designed properly. They can also prevent tripping hazards around play equipment. The area around the play equipment should be free of uneven ground and exposed concrete.

Inspection log

To ensure that your community’s playground is safe for children, you need an inspection log. An inspection log helps keep track of any repairs or changes made to your playground’s equipment. The information collected on an inspection log is important for ongoing maintenance and for planning future improvements. While you can use a generic inspection form, it is important to consider the specific needs of your community. For example, if your playground is located in a school, you might want to create a form for your elementary school or daycare center.

Inspections of playground equipment should be conducted at least once a month, or more often during high-use periods. A professional 안전놀이터 inspector is required to perform these inspections, and they should be trained by the National Recreation and Park Association or the Consumer Products Safety Commission. They will document their findings and recommend necessary repairs or changes. If any equipment or surface material is found to be unsafe, it will be removed from use until a repair or replacement is completed. The inspector will schedule repairs or replacements as soon as possible within your budget.

Regular maintenance of playground equipment is essential for its safety. If a playground is outdated, damaged, or unmaintained, this can lead to several safety hazards. Inspections are also necessary for ensuring that playground equipment meets the highest safety standards.

Inspection process

One of the most important parts of running a safe playground is the inspection process. This process involves checking the equipment for any visible damage, splinters, or cracks. In addition, it also involves looking for loose parts or rust. Children should not be allowed to play on playground equipment that is damaged or has loose parts. The fence surrounding the playground should also be in good condition and should be free of any protruding objects. These can cut and entangle children.

Playground equipment must be checked regularly, at least once a year, by an employee or manager. If the playground is open to the public during the school year, this inspection should be linked to an annual audit of the equipment. In addition, damaged equipment should be reported using a work order. A CPSI-certified inspector will assess if the equipment can be repaired or not. If it cannot be repaired, it should be taken out of use until it is fixed.

Inspecting a playground regularly is not only good for safety, but it also helps keep the play area visually appealing. Regular inspections can identify problems before they cause an accident.

Written by Avellaneda Flórez
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