Every time you deposit to your MySlots Rewards account on a weekly basis, you will be rewarded with an additional 15,000 points. Thanks to those additional points, the My Slots Rewards programme is made considerably easier to advance through.

Upgrading your account to 사설토토사이트participate in the Bitcoin Exclusive programme does not cost anything. Still, you are required to activate the programme by clicking the Upgrade Now option on the page dedicated to Bitcoin Exclusive. Following that, your account will be reviewed by your account manager, and within another 24-48 hours, you will be able to begin claiming rewards.

Because it is much simpler than any other kind of banking, cryptocurrency is favoured by a significant number of American gamblers who participate in online gaming. Therefore, by participating in this Bitcoin Exclusive programme, you can get rewards and perks for activities you would have been doing regardless. That is the greatest form of a bonus!

MySlots Rewards

In addition to all of those amazing bonus offers, Slots. 사설토토사이트Lv also features a great VIP rewards programme that players can participate in. Every member of the community will routinely accumulate reward points. After that, you can trade those points in for cash-back rewards and several other VIP privileges.

During our study of the Slots.lv casino, one of the first things that we observed was that for every dollar you wager, you get at least one point in the loyalty programme. However, most casino loyalty programmes award one point for every ten or twenty dollars spent, Slots. Lv awards two points for every dollar spent.

You will receive one point for every dollar wagered on table games and video poker combined. If you play the slot machines, you will receive five points for each dollar that you wager on such machines automatically. And the easiest way to accumulate points is by playing specialised games such as keno and bingo, as these games award fifteen points for every dollar they wagered on them.

Because of this technique, you will accumulate points at a far faster rate compared to how it works with other casino loyalty programmes.

Because of this technique

At any time, you have the option of exchanging those points for cash. In addition, when you redeem your MySlots Rewards points, your current status will not be affected in any way. The application will maintain track of your lifetime points even after you have exchanged them, allowing you to continue rising the rankings even after you have done so. Your current VIP level determines the rate at which VIP points can be converted.

When you look at those figures, you could get the impression that you will only earn enough points to cash in on prizes, and this is especially likely to be the case if you play for little stakes. You would think it would be difficult, but the MySlots Rewards programme makes it much simpler than you might expect.

At level 1, you need 2,500 points in your account to get a prize worth $1. You will only need to spend $167 if you play specialised games in order to accumulate enough points. You are required to wager $500 on slot machines. To put this into perspective for you, you could acquire the necessary points in thirty days if you spent only $16.67 every day playing slots.

You will have already reached level 2 by the time you have accumulated sufficient points to initiate the process of turning your points into cash. Therefore, you can instantly start seeing an improvement in your conversion rate.


It is important to remember that if you become a member of Bitcoin Exclusive, you will immediately earn 15,000 points for every weekly deposit of $30 or more. After making your first deposit, you will have earned sufficient points to advance to level three, reaching level four in a little under a month.

Casino loyalty schemes can be difficult to navigate. They have a propensity for making things sound far more favourable than they are. Not so with the MySlots Rewards programme, though; it’s not like that. During our study of the Slots.lv casino, we found this programme to be one of the most generous aspects of the casino, and it quickly became our favourite feature of the establishment.

Written by Avellaneda Flórez
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