One of the finest objectives you can have as an online grinder is to compete in your first live event in 2023. Live poker is a whole new and exciting experience, and you’ll have a great time playing the game in a real setting with real people.

Second, you have a better chance of winning 메이저놀이터  a huge pot in a live event because the competition is generally weaker. If you’ve never played poker in a live game before, you’re missing out on a terrific opportunity to make connections that may help further your career.

Spend a quarter of your time studying.

We can all agree that studying is far less exciting than actually playing poker. No matter how dull you find studying, you should see it as a necessary evil if you want to improve as a poker player.

Spending at least a quarter of your time studying in the lab is a decent starting point if you’re not sure how much time you should devote to it. Don’t go at it alone, either. Join a reputable training site, such as Upswing Poker, where you may study under the game’s best players.

Time management is simplified when you maintain a consistent 3-to-1 study-to-play ratio. If you spent 75 hours playing poker, for instance, you should devote 25 hours to learning something new.

Learn to use a certain poker strategy

One of the best things about the game 메이저놀이터  of poker is that there is always room for improvement.

Aiming for mastery of a certain poker strategy or idea may provide a new dimension of challenge and growth to your game. Because of the time commitment involved in achieving this objective while actively playing poker, we recommend focusing on only one strategy or idea.

Nevertheless, if you are successful in doing so, it will greatly improve your success rate. If you can master just one facet of the game, you’ll have a significant advantage over the vast majority of your opponents.

Spend Y amount of hours/hands playing

For 2023, it’s a good idea to decide how many hours or how many poker hands you want to play, depending on the games and styles you like.

Settling on a certain figure can help you stay motivated and on top of your game since you’ll know just how much time you can devote to the hobby.

In order to prevent being burned out or rusty in 2023, you should take note of how much time you spent playing in 2022 and use it as a basis for setting a reasonable goal for the future year.

When this occurs, it is usually not because of a lack of ability to raise your bankroll, but rather because of poor judgement and impatience.

Over a lengthy period of time, say a year, you should aim to increase your bankroll. This manner, when you have a losing streak, you won’t panic and attempt to play your way out of it by increasing the stakes at which you’re playing.

Written by Avellaneda Flórez
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