East 100 and Tenth Street Playground is located across from Harlem Meer. Harlem Meer, Central Park’s northernmost playground was restored by the Conservancy in 2013 providing the most cutting-edge playground design.

The playground is designed for school children and divided into four fantastic round sections, the constructed over play area features the most impressive water feature and 3 tire swings. There are six large-sized strap swings for young children as well as an area for children who have special needs, and the timber play structure offers a myriad of things to climb, swing through, and take on.

W. 100 and Tenth Street Playground after 10 months of reconstruction from the ground up, the East 100 and tenth Street Playground within Dana Discovery Center reopened in the autumn of 2013. Designed for school-age children and arranged into four amazing circular sections, the built over area is equipped with an aquatic feature, three tire swings, six large-youngster strap swings as well as the swings for kids with special needs, and an asymmetrical play area made of timber filled with a variety of elements to climb, play with and take on. The playground is situated in the park, located at hundred and 10th Street between Lenox Fifth Avenue and Lenox.

Bernard Family Playground: It islocated within one of the most stunning settings inside the park close to The Harlem Meer the메이저놀이터 is also located near the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center offering additional recreational opportunities. The playground is comprised of bucket swings, a sandbox enclosed as well as a play structure that includes the possibility of a bridge, slides mountaineering poles, and more than one platform and sprinklers. It’s designed for younger children.

Tar Family Playground is located on the West Side at a hundredth Street, the playground was renovated in 2009. The park is separated by an important bridge that runs across a “lake” of sand, creating a playground for children of the preschool age and one that is toward older children. The play area is comprised of a huge conical climber, with an incline and slides as well as a modern-day web-based climber; plenty of swings suitable for all different ages, a wooden treehouse, and a maze made of concrete. There are also water features throughout the summer months.

Robert Blenheim Playground: It is located on the East Side at a hundredth Street The playground is considered to be a “playground for all youngsters,” and the play space was created to be accessible to children who have disabilities and those without. The play area is home to an area of play that is equipped with ramps as well as a corkscrew-water feature suitable for wheelchairs, and an extended table sandbox. A huge play shape can be equipped with slides, tunnels with sound-producing play elements, as well as hand ramps for wheelchairs.

Rodin Fun for the Family is located at 96th Street off of Central Park West The playground’s main attraction is a huge Trellis with wisteria that has shaded seating. The playground is comprised of a sandbox, a bucket as well as tire-swings as well as three play systems for mountaineering and sliding. There are tables for recreation, checkers, and chess, which can also be used for a picnic. Three granite posts provide the spray arc for children to run and play on throughout the summer seasons.

E. 96th Street Playground: This is among Central Park’s most popular 메이저놀이터 playgrounds. It is located near the northeastern corner of the Reservoir and is situated in a panoramic that is bordered by the East Drive, Fifth Avenue as well as Fifth Avenue, and the 96th Street Transverse Road. It is a vast open space and a variety of bridges, equipment, slide structures, mountain climbing with swings, picnic tables, and a sandbox. In the summer season, there are sprinklers.

Written by Avellaneda Flórez
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