The book Finding the Edge suggests that in an ideal situation with seven players working together to cheat, players would have a 2.3% edge over the house.

The advantage for the house would be 0.40% in a game with six players. This꽁머니 presumes that everyone plays perfectly.

However, this action violates the policies of the vast majority of casinos. Therefore, your use of this is entirely at your own risk. You can also take advantage of a helpful strategy or hint that pertains to the progressive jackpot.

However, this is a questionable practice, and some casinos may not allow it. Because the difference is so small, and because it is only one of which you꽁머니 can make full use of if you already know the other players and have them all on the phone, it is unlikely to be worthwhile for most players. Even so, the vast majority of online casinos only have room for three players, so the house’s advantage still needs to be eliminated. Player collusion is a useful additional strategy. According to the Wizard of Odds, your odds of winning can be improved if you can exchange information with other players or if you happen to catch a glimpse of other players’ cards. The distinct advantage for the casino is 5.224%. Nevertheless, the Wizard estimates that your expected loss is more than 2.55%. If you follow the advice above, you can reduce that number even further to 2.38%. If this is not the case, you should fold your AK-type hands.


When a progressive jackpot reaches a certain size, playing it changes from being a venture with a negative expected value to a positive expected value, meaning that the edge is in your favor for every bet you place. A significant amount of mathematics is involved in this, including the size of the bet, the odds of hitting, and the payout.

When a progressive jackpot reaches a certain size

Let’s not get into the math for now, shall we? Instead, we will explain everything with an example.

For a side bet of one dollar to have a positive expected value, the jackpot must be at least $217,900. This is based on the following payouts being assumed: But if you want to try your luck at winning the jackpot and you can’t find a game with a jackpot that high (which can be difficult to do online), then look for the game with the biggest jackpot you can find. The higher it is, the better the odds; consequently, the more lucrative the bet becomes due to those odds.

Most industry professionals

Most industry professionals recommend avoiding making any side bets at all costs. In any case, taking advantage of the house edge of 26.46% makes this the most lucrative move.

Participating in Online Caribbean Stud (Also Known As Caribbean Poker)

There will be a small difference between playing live and online. There are a few notable distinctions, including the following:

  • There needs to be a dealer present. The software takes care of the gameplay.
  • There are no other competitors left in the game. You are currently playing all by yourself.

In addition, Caribbean Stud is one of the few casino table games that does not offer a version with a live dealer. Consequently, the only way to participate in live gaming is to visit a traditional land-based casino.

When it comes to playing the game online, there is little to point out. It’s easy to understand. On the other hand, here are some suggestions that you could find useful:

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