The 안전놀이터 aspects of rubber penstocks are what makes them a popular choice. When installed duly, they are.

  • Shock- spongy. American Standard Testing styles( ASTM), the institution that sets assiduity safety norms, ensures the penstocks we use are safe for cascade from 6 bases( for2.5- inch rubber penstocks) up to 8 bases( for4.25- inch penstocks).
  • ADA biddable.

This means they ’re wheelchair-accessible, and safe for kiddies with physical disabilities and limitations to play on. So if you ’re looking to produce an inclusive playground that all kiddies can enjoy, this is one of your stylish options.

Ideal for those with chemical perceptivity. Parents and directors do n’t have to worry about rubber tiling causing a response in those with skin perceptivity and disinclinations. The products we use at adventure TURF use only decoration rubber made from natural accoutrements , plus EPDM rubber( which helps the face repel cracks due to severe temperatures and rainfall), and SBR rubber( which helps the face stay flat and supple). These accoutrements are free of essence, wood, harsh chemicals, and other prickly composites.

  • lower cascade.

One of the big reasons we suggest rubber tiling for areas that will be in use while wet — for illustration, a pool sundeck or a playground after a rain shower is because of itsnon-slip rates. Due to the nature of rubber tiling’s pervious face, it remains anon-slip face indeed when impregnated with humidity.


 still, the grooves edges of the penstocks could creating a tripping hazard, If not installed duly.

  • Rubber Playground Penstocks on Rooftop Playground
  • Rooftop playground with rubber pipe surfacing.
  • Cost of Rubber Tiles as Playground Flooring


 The low conservation costs of rubber playground penstocks are one of their stylish means. It’s easy to complete one- off repairs of penstocks that are damaged and it’s tough to damage them in the first place. Rubber tiling is durable, easy to clean, and will last for times before any type of conservation is needed, making it a budget-friendly option for your design.

 The price of installing rubber penstocks for playground surfacing varies grounded on factors like the size of the playground face, if it’s a rooftop installation or ground- position installation, and how important face medication is demanded. communicate us for a custom quotation for your specific playground.


 The over- frontal cost is advanced than cheaper options similar as pea clay, beach, and wood chips. Keep in mind that quality of 안전놀이터and their cost can go hand- in- hand.

  • Quality of Rubber Mats on Playgrounds
  • Installing rubber penstocks for playgrounds
  • You can see the interlocking rubber penstocks during this playground surfacing design.


  • The penstocks interlock to produce smooth seams that wo n’t trip seniors or sprinting kiddies.
  • They ’re great for inner playgrounds and recreation areas, because the accoutrements are fluently transported and installed. Plus, they do n’t produce an inviting chemical odor.
  • They come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to get creative.
  • Rooftop playgrounds are another good place for rubber penstocks to be installed.


 Rubber penstocks do n’t last ever( as does any playground flooring material). You can anticipate to need to start switching out aged penstocks for newer bones

 after about a decade, in order to insure they’re furnishing proper shock absorbency.

 The rubber playground penstocks we use at adventure TURF measure 24 × 24 elevation( which can be trimmed to fit into your space’s recesses and cracks) and come in two density2.5- inch and4.25- inch. They ’re available in a wide variety of colors, and can indeed be made into customized designs and patterns. Check out this rooftop playground surfacing installation in Queens, New York City to see andillustration.

  • Installation of Playground Rubber Tiles
  • A skulk peep at installing playground rubber penstocks.
  • Installation of Rubber Mats for Playgrounds
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