A 꽁머니is an old English measurement for liquid volume. It is equivalent to two hogsheads and can vary from 450 to 1,060 liters. However, the term is no longer used. Its current usage is more related to the size of an individual’s hips. To learn more about the butt, read our article on the Anglo-Saxon butt.

Butt in Anglo-Saxon times

The word butt first appeared in the English language in the early fifteenth century and referred to the hindquarters of an animal. It later became the name for a piece of meat consisting of the hindquarters. Today, the Oxford English Dictionary defines butt as “a piece of meat from the hindquarters of an animal”. The word butt first appeared in an English text in 1430 in the Harleian Ms. 279, a document belonging to the British Library’s Harley collection.

The word buttocks are also related to race, such as in the names of Saartjie Baartman. It is also used as an insult in English and is also used to describe the buttocks of an automobile. Moreover, buttocks is also an Anglo-Saxon dialect term.

Square butt

If your butt is shaped like a square, you’re not alone. Many patients with this condition request surgery more often than other patients. Liposuction, a common surgical procedure that removes fat from the butt, can correct the problem. The procedure, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, involves removing fat from the love handles, muffin tops, and lower back. In some cases, silicone butt implants may be used to improve the appearance of a square butt.

In addition to using special dieting and exercise programs, square butt sufferers may be self-conscious about their butt. Fortunately, some exercises can help improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Inverted butt

An inverted butt is a form of butt with more fullness at the top and a narrower bottom. Many women find an inverted 꽁머니very attractive. This shape is caused by the accumulation of fat in the lower area of the bum. This condition can be reversed with the gradual loss of estrogen. Estrogen affects fat reserves, which causes them to shift positions and increase.

The shape is more likely to occur in women with less estrogen in their bodies. The lowered estrogen levels make women’s butts smaller than their midsections. This type of butt is prone to sagging. It is also more common in older women.


Butt injections are popular among women who want a fuller butt, but this procedure isn’t without risks. There are large blood vessels deep within the glutes, and substances injected into these veins can travel to the heart or lungs and cause life-threatening complications. As such, butt injections should only be performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Furthermore, reputable doctors never perform butt injections in a hotel room or outside a medical facility.

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that involves injecting a substance into the buttocks. This procedure is the only procedure that meets FDA requirements. The procedure involves making a small incision near the buttocks and placing the butt implant on top of the gluteus muscle.


Treatments for butt acne can include tetracycline, an antibiotic that can be taken as a liquid or pill. It should be taken on an empty stomach. It is most effective if taken regularly. However, it is not recommended for younger children or those with sensitive skin. Other solutions include topical medication.

The procedure itself can cause some side effects, including pain and bruise, but these are generally minor and temporary. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, can be taken for relief of the discomfort. However, bruising and swelling are expected to go away within a few days.

Acne is a common skin condition on the butt that causes clogged pores and irritation. It affects up to 80% of adults aged 11 to 30 years. However, unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the butt does not have many oil glands. Thus, acne on the butt is less common than on the rest of the body. Therefore, if you’ve noticed acne-like bumps on your butt, it is more likely that you have another condition, such as folliculitis or keratosis pilaris.

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